They also launched a smaller 175cc version called the Sherpa which unfortunately failed in the market. A slightly improved version in the Sherpa the Crusader a 175cc bike with a telescopic fork was also launched in early seventies. But this bike also fell with the wayside.

Enfield India in a bid to match the competition of the Japanese bikes set up collaboration with Zundapp associated with Germany. A manufacturing plant was arrange at Ranipet, a place in close proximity to Chennai. A series of light-weight bikes like the 50 cc Silver Plus, Explorer motorcycle and also the Fury 175 were launched. Though the bikes have been good technically yet they failed to fire the markets together with production was soon discontinued. In 1994 Eicher took over Enfield India. In 1995 the trade mark Royal Enfield was adapted with the Indian company which now became the inheritor with the Royal Enfield Brand. The India Company still makes the same original Bullets as we were looking at in 1955. Due to pressure in the Japanese bike manufacturers Royal Enfield has taken out the 500 cc bullets in addition to a more streamlined option the Thunderbird. This has a self start option additionally. It is classified being a cruiser bike.

The Bullet as stated in India has acquired some sort of reputation for reliability. Though the pickup is a little poor the bike a lot more than anything makes up due to the stability. For Indian roads which are generally below par the bullet can take its own against any kind of bike. You can hit some sort of pot hole at 70km one hour and the bike are going to be none the worse correctly.

Royal Enfield bullets stated in India have carried in the legacy of the primary Royal Enfield Company. Lately this bike is getting exported to the UK as well where there is a small market for these kind of rugged machines. The Japanese bikes are sleeker and faster but a Bullet has charm of its very own. We must thank Enfield India that legacy of the Royal Enfield bullet may be kept alive.
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